What exactly is an attraction chart? (and the ways…

What exactly is an attraction chart? (and the ways to making One)

One of several classic tools from inside the UX designer’s toolbox is actually an affinity map (sometimes called an attraction drawing). If you’ve ever seen a photograph of a bunch of manufacturers standing up in front of gluey notes on a wall, an affinity map is really what you used to be probably looking at.

The bottom line is, attraction mapping are getting a lot of gooey notes with tips in it on a wall structure and grouping them according to her similarities (affinities). These groupings can help you pull ideas and design that will help you create effortlessly toward after that strategies.

Here, We’ll initial clarify precisely why and just how attraction mapping fits in to the UX process. Then we’ll walk through exactly what it appears to be in two usual need matters: pulling-out knowledge from investigation records and planning design some ideas. Some tips about what I’ll manage:

1. exactly why use affinity mapping?

Before we get into the technicians of it, let’s grab one minute to think through when and why attraction mapping can be handy to you personally. Since it is exactly about extracting insights and seeing motifs, attraction mapping is especially useful in proper steps of the style lifecycle-particularly the empathize and ideate phase . You need to use they to raised understand users as well as their goals, to determine items specifications, or perhaps to plan potential product services. If you has a lot of facts things or ideas and need to distill them lower, affinity maps include a fantastic device to possess at your disposal.

2. how to come up with an affinity map

Affinity mapping possess three fundamental strategies. You can modify each one of these to match your own style, but the skeleton appears to be this:

  1. Write-down every information aim or tip on a different sticky note and put it on a wall
  2. 1 by 1, get gooey records and class relating notes into clusters
  3. Reflect on or talk about the themes and classes you developed and exactly how they affect the next methods

Attraction mapping can be useful as a group activity or individually. Check out factors to consider when determining just who must involved in their mapping task.

As a group…

Affinity mapping is suitable to teamwork because it’s physical, entertaining, and lots of someone can join at a time. Individuals learn kinesthetically by writing out, picking right on up, and literally engaging with gooey notes. It is a great way to submerge designers and stakeholders in consumer investigation by allowing them keep quotations and observations within their possession.

In addition, a lot more people indicates more perspectives. The range of real information and backgrounds a group gives can give additional imaginative insights or best ideation. If you should be synthesizing analysis, you might want to incorporate cross-functional downline to benefit from this.


Attraction mapping is sometimes looked at as a group recreation, but specific attraction mapping can be hugely valuable, too. I’ve tried it on many projects by which I’m the only real researcher and developer, and my UX college students put it to use all the time on specific studies. As someone system, it’s a comparatively rapid way to get ideas out of your studies records and conquer your own habit of favor specific narratives (i.e.confirmation opinion). By actually (or digitally) spreading your data records and collection all of them, you look at everything with fresh eyes and open up room to attract new connections you hadn’t observed in your genuine study.

One other consideration is that affinity mapping are more typically regarded as an in-person task. For the reason that from the put price that the fluctuations and bodily facets deliver.

But there are numerous fantastic apparatus out there for electronic affinity mapping, and this refers to considerably critical than ever before with increased associated with the technology workforce going remote. The examples listed here are dreamed for bodily mapping, but can be easily adjusted to an electronic framework. When employed solamente, i enjoy make use of this cost-free outline template. Methods like LucidChart, Upboard, and Stormboard are all well worth checking out for more team-based attraction mapping.